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유경희(Kyunghee Yoo)

유경희(Kyunghee Yoo) 상무

헤드헌터는 회사와 지원자를 대신하는 에이전트로써, 고객사를 위하여 채용관련 의사결정을 지원하고 지원자에게는 커리어 코칭 및 방향을 제시함으로 성공적인 채용을 이끌어 낼 사명을 가지고 있습니다.
오랫동안 헤드헌팅 회사근무 경험을 통해 얻게 된 많은 경험과 노하우를 여러분과 함께 공유하면서 함께 성장해 나가겠습니다

Kyunghee has more than 20 years of hands-on experience for multinational companies in Korea.
She is specialized in consumer products, public relations, marketing & communications and management consulting. She is highly recommended for her commitment, extensive local market expertise and sector specialization. Also she is a solution-driven professional who always thinks “outside of the box”.

Before joining Solution, Kyunghee has demonstrated excellent and team-oriented performance with proven strong track records from Ericsson, Cutco and global executive search firms. She has high successful rate of recruiting executive and upper middle level positions since 2004.

  • 이화여자대학교 정보과학 석사
  • 대구 카톨릭 대학교 사회학 학사
  • Ericsson Korea, Solution Engineering
  • Cutco Korea, Marketing

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윤은라(Eunra Yoon)

윤은라(Eunra Yoon) 이사

"오랫동안 헤드헌팅 회사근무 경험을 통해 얻게 된
많은 경험과 노하우를 여러분과 함께 공유하면서 함께 성장해 나가겠습니다."

She is an experienced senior consultant and a researcher in executive search firms for 15 years.
Hence, she can manage all the processes related to recruitment.
Furthermore, she is highly specialized in medical devices and consumer products and manufacturing companies.
Remarkably, she has succeeded in hiring over 60 candidates for one of the major manufacturing companies in just 6 years and maintained a good relationship to most of her clients that they worked together for more than five years.
She has showed excellent performance of clients with proven track records.

  • 강원대학교 통계학과
  • Solution/ Senior Consultant
  • HR Partners/ Senior Consultant
  • Manpower/ Researcher

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백고운 (Gella Beak)

백고운 (Gella Beak) 부장

고객의 Need와 고급인재의 Need를 파악하여 전문가적 시각으로 고급인재 알선에 최선을 다하겠습니다.

Gella possesses more than 15years of hands on experience in various companies in Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Consulting fuction with Young Poong Group, Hangul & Computer, A+ Asset Management, Samsung Life Insurance.
She is well ready to be a real professional partner for those who cultivate their dream continally with challenges.

  • 숭실대학교 전산학과
  • 삼성생명/A+ Asset Management 금융컨설팅
  • 한글과 컴퓨터 경리부
  • 영풍건설 회계팀

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